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SEO help http://ow.ly/hMkon … Rod Janz, Owner of The Big Buzz Factory is excited to announce that he and Peter Thistle are offering Search Engine Optimization help (SEO help) and training to Rapid Time Networks. The training is designed to create more Internet traffic and business produced by your website, blog and YouTube videos.

In this current RTN Vendor Video, Rod Janz and Mark Wright talk about improving web traffic, SEO, Google, the importance of hiring an expert, WordPress Optimization and the upcoming RTN SEO training to be offered by Rod Janz and Peter Thistle.

Rod encourages viewers to think about where they want their traffic to go, or their video to be viewed. Ultimately, as a business you want to make money so you want people to end up on your website. Along with optimizing your video on YouTube, make sure you place your YouTube video on your website, or blog and point all of your social media promotion and paid advertising to your own platforms. With a properly designed landing page people are much more likely to do business with you than they are on YouTube, Facebook, or some other Social Media platform.

Also make sure you include a call to action in your YouTube video description, and YouTube video. Really basic stuff, but so many people still don’t do it!

The yet to be scheduled SEO training offered by Rod and Peter through RTN will help with Blog SEO, YouTube SEO, WordPress Optimization, YouTube Optimization, Google Adwords and Facebook Ads.

SEO expert Peter Thistle has worked with large Western Canadian companies like LaFarge Concrete, HSBC, BCAA, and Onside Restoration. Over the course of Peter’s career he has handled in excess of $25 million in online advertising. Peter will provide easy to implement SEO help and Google Adwords training.

The SEO help Rod and Peter will teach during the RTN training will cover some of the simple strategies like the ones above, plus some real gems that you might not be aware of. Google changed its algorithm about 25 times last year. The great thing about an SEO and Google Adword expert like Peter is he stays on top of every change to better assist his clients and avoid some of the pitfalls of using old SEO techniques that don’t work any longer and can actually get you into trouble with Google if you continue to use them.

If you are looking for WordPress optimization, YouTube SEO, Website SEO are looking for easy to implement SEO help, you need to look no further than the services and training that Peter and The Big Buzz Factory provide.

For SEO Help call 1-888-543-0603, or email us at thebigbuzzfactory@gmail.com

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